Weekday dinner party

We had some friends over for dinner on Friday, and I wanted to push the boat out a bit, but Friday being a (very!) working day and the week not allowing  for any preparation in advance, I had to be a bit careful in choosing the dishes. In the end, I was too optimistic with the timing, as usual, but with the Boyfriends help, the dinner was a hit. This one should for sure be repeated for the right crowd.

Here it is. For the starter, goat cheese, mushroom, thyme, and puff pastry tart. For the main, home-made pasta with a tomato, sausage, and chicken sauce. For the salad, mixed salad with tomatoes cucumbers and spring onions. For the dessert, tarte Tatin.

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Blueberry hand pies


Blueberries are coming back in season. It’s now that time of the year when you don’t have to decide whether to buy 100 g of blueberries or your next meal; you can purchase both. As the summer gets closer, blueberries will not only become cheaper, they will be more flavourful as well. I cannot wait any more, so I have decided to try my hand at making the blueberry hand pies. Hand… get it? Oh, I crack myself up.

Seriously, now.

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