Lamb and peas


What says “spring” more than lamb & peas? I made this dish for my own selfish pleasure, as the boyfriend doesn’t really like peas, while I adore them.

I took the recipe from a Croatian cookbook I own, and you can really get this typical Croatian vibe in the dish: the flavours are very mellow, the lamb and the peas shine, and there is not much to hide behind.

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Tomato soup


I made this for a Sunday lunch, and I think it is divine. The tomato soup relies on a stock made from a kilo and something of beef bones, cooked in the pressure cooker with some sautéed onions, smoked pork belly, thyme and about a litre of water. Serve with the soup some freshly baked bread buns, and the house will be full of joy.

Međimurska gibanica


While I was living in Croatia, this was my favourite cake ever. Period. And it is only now that I decided to make it. Perhaps it is a touch of nostalgia for my home country, perhaps coincidence. In any case, we now have a recipe for a really traditional and beloved cake.

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Danube waves (Donauwellen)

I will now post a recipe for a cake I made, but without a picture. *ghasp*

And it is not because the cake is not pretty: simply, when I cut it up and packaged to take to work, I did not have the presence of mind to take some photos.

I am sure I will be making another iteration of it, as the boyfriend did not try it, and I am positive he would like it. So there will be a photo opportunity yet.

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Chorizo pasta

2016-05-12 20.45.38

Spicy sauce with the Spanish sausage, add to that some very nice pasta, and you have yourself dinner fit for a king.

I made this dish using only ingredients I had at hand after not going to the store for four days—a long time in my world. Come to think of it, maybe you will learn more about me than about the recipe, knowing which things I hoard at home. Current count of tomato cans at home: 10.

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This recipe is not for the faint of heart, or for the diabetics. However, apart from being extremely sweet, the flavours are really nice. Strange how you can still recognize the subtlety of cinnamon, cloves, and lime zest despite the shocking amounts of sugar.

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