Turkish eggs


There are some dishes that many countries consider their own, and this is reflected in the name. For example, my favourite cake—one I have yet to attempt to make—is known as Međimurska gibanica in Croatia; the name loosely translates to “cake from Međimurje,” and Međimurje is a region in Croatia. Across the border, in Slovenia, it is known as Prekmurska gibanica; the name translates to “cake from Prekmurje,” and Prekmurje is a region in Slovenia. Same cake, different name.

The dish I made tonight is similarly confused about its identity: I found it in an Australian cookbook under the name Turkish eggs; virtually the same dish is called Shakshouka in an Israeli cookbook I own; my Greek friend also knows it, presumably under a different name.

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Cooking with Bärlauch

2016-04-24 17.40.32

Bärlauch season is in full swing. It is widely known that I am a fan of all the members of the Allium family, and these delicate leaves are no exception. With a flavour between garlic and onion, they are very nice as an addition to sausages, but I like them best when their flavour gets a chance to shine. Here are two recipes that prominently feature Bärlauch: a pesto and some savoury muffins.

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