Minced meat, pancetta, and mushroom sauce


One could call this sauce “Bolognese with mushrooms,” but then we would open up a discussion on what a Bolognese should be, and I am too impatient for that. In any case, this sauce was rich and fabulous, made by following the recipe for the classic Bolognese (or at least what I consider classic), but then adding some fried mushrooms to the mix. And yes, I used a can of tomatoes and the leftover Amarone, thank you for asking.

When I made this, the day was one of the first really cold autumn days, and it just hit the spot.

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Home-made pasta


I consider this one of my great achievements: I can now make pasta without too much stress, even for a dinner party. There are a few gadgets that help me on my way, the most important one being the KitchenAid pasta attachment. I can really recommend it!

The recipe I use is from the tried and tested book Made in Italy, page 330. I cannot add to or substract from this recipe, but I am too lazy to retype it; instead, here is another very similar version.

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Spaghetti meatballs

2016-06-18 20.50.22

Ah, a real Italian dish… NOT! But still a very tasty and comforting dish to warm a chilly and rainy day in June. This is a Jamie Oliver’s recipe that you can find in his book Jamie’s Ministry of Food, subtitled Anyone Can Learn to Cook in 24 Hours. I own a German translation of this book: I bought it in the vain hope it will improve my German. It did not. I wonder if it taught anyone to cook in 24 hours…

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